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JOB PURPOSE: Responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the software development team. This includes but is not limited to code reviews, release management, environment management, tooling, and process improvement. ACCOUNTABILITI
JOB PURPOSE: To manage and create a comprehensive digital architecture for software solutions and analyze, design, develop, and coordinate the implementation of system and application software enhancements and upgrades across all supported SME Bank f
JOB PURPOSE: To manage and oversee the design and development of software applications and lead the engineers to ensure the best practices around software development. ACCOUNTABILITIES: - Manage the software engineering department in developing, rele
JOB PURPOSE: To manage and oversees the QA and automation team to provide quality services to the digital engineering teams. ACCOUNTABILITIES: - Align with the overall guidance and direction from the Program Management and Product Development Teams
JOB PURPOSE: To define strategic product initiatives designed to serve the evolving needs of SME Bank’s client segments while ensuring compliance with SAMA guidelines. ACCOUNTABILITIES: Product Research and Strategy - Contribute to Crafting and mana
JOB PURPOSE: Conduct market research and analyze market data, identify consumer behaviors and trends in order to provide actuarial recommendations and launch strategies covering SME Bank’s product viability and financial feasibility, and actively mon